CRYING BABIES everywhere to be assured that life gets easier

Crying Baby


A new national campaign to reduce the noise pollution caused by crying babies is focused around creating a positive perception of their future, a Home Office spokesperson has said.

“This government, as the greenest government ever, is tackling all forms of pollution, particularly noise pollution.” said the spokesperson.

“Studies have shown that children feel intense unhappiness when they think that they have no future to look forward to.”

“Therefore we are confident that some positive thinking for these children will reduce noise pollution in the long run” they added.

However, some environmentalists disagree with this new approach. “We want to see a new crying tax levied against the parents of these babies, not just wishful thinking” said one environmental protester.

“We need to be tough on crying and tough on the causes of crying, not just more white lies from our government” they added.

Will you be taking part in the campaign to tell crying babies that life will get better or is it all pointless lies?

Penny for your thoughts? (Note: I will not actually send you a penny)