ESCAPISM linked to desire to escape, new study finds



The Advanced Study of Things released a new paper this week linking habits of escapism to the desire to escape from one’s social surroundings.

The meta analysis of over 100 different studies concluded that individuals with habits like overeating, drug use and excessive internet, TV or video game use are actually dissatisfied with the society in which they live.

“We discovered from reviewing lots of published papers that the people who felt powerless in society were far more likely to exhibit escapist behaviours,” explains Dr Lewis Offensichtlich.

Powerlessness has of course been measured along with power by Forbes magazine in their yearly Most Powerful People edition. However, Forbes readers tend not to read past person number 7,000,000, a Mr Stephen Phillips from Chelsea, so the billions with no real power often get missed.

“We found the least escapist tendencies in societies where people felt their views were being heard and respected,” explains Dr Offensichtlich, “and interestingly, both powerlessness and escapism have risen almost exactly in line with each other.”

This brave new study must make us question: Do we simply want to escape or do we want feel comfortable with where we are?

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