Man now fully-employed with nice house thanks to homeless barriers

Previously homeless Glasgow man now happily employed and living in luxury after being driven from streets by homeless barriers.

Murdo Walters - ex-homeless man turned millionaire

Murdo Walters – ex-homeless man turned millionaire

The barriers were installed on Glasgow’s St Vincent Lane, a popular place for the homeless to sleep rough due to the hot air vents lining the road. The barriers replaced spikes placed to discourage the homeless from sleeping rough on the road.

Some have viewed these measures as cruel and inhumane, but others, such as Murdo Walters, have claimed that the anti-homeless measures inspired him to go out and get a job, house and car.

“I knew there were plenty of jobs out there, I just couldn’t really be bothered trying to find one,” explains Murdo, “when I was faced with the choice between working for a roof over my head and regular hot meals or staying out on the cold lonely streets of Glasgow, I would always choose the streets.”

“But when they came along and installed these spikes and barriers and whatnot, it forced me to reassess my life’s choices and to make a change.”

“I immediately went out and got a job at a high street bank. After just 3 weeks I am Director of Risk Management in the Derivatives branch of RBS, living in a multi-million pound mansion and driving around a brand new Lamborghini.”

Murdo thinks that the anti-homeless measures should be introduced into all UK cities to encourage lazy, drunk homeless people to go and get a job, just like him.

“After all, in this economy the country needs all the help it can get!”

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