Pack of wild dogs excited for their Top Gear appearance

A pack of wild dogs, said to have been drafted in from Mongolia, have told reporters that they are “excited” about appearing on the new series of Top Gear, and have been encouraging presenter Jeremy Clarkson to “fatten up”


Jeremy Clarkson recently invited the pack of wild dogs on the show in order to “prove that he was not a racist” against Mongolians, or any other race of people.

“If I were a racist these Mongolians would be able to tell immediately and would eat me on the spot, just like Genghis Khan did,” claimed Clarkson, “so to prove that I am not a racist I will invite these filthy dogs onto the premier of the next series of Top Gear.”

However, detractors have said that it is unclear whether Clarkson meant an actual pack of Mongolian dogs, or whether he just couldn’t shut his bigoted mouth yet again.

The BBC have said that the dogs will be the first in the new “reasonably priced car” which will feature Clarkson tied and gagged in the front seat. They are expecting to achieve their highest viewer rating to date.

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