Hurricane St. Jude “worst UK storm to ever hit social media,” says expert

UK storm


The hurricane names St. Jude, after the patron saint of lost causes, was the worst UK storm to hit social media ever, it has emerged.

“Weather warnings went out from the Met Office and the BBC on Thursday last week, causing micro-storms on Twitter” explains Dr Murphy, from the University of Studies.

“By the weekend Facebook posts and comments had added hot air to the cold front, making the storm it a Class 2 sociological phenomenon.” he added.

As the shocking image below shows, the damage to patio furniture across the south of the country was severe.

“It was so windy and wet I daren’t go outside for fear of losing my hat!” said one Dorset residence.

“Even my gnome got blown over and I couldn’t go and save him.”

See more pictures of the devastation here:

WARNING: Images may be shocking, discretion advised

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