“We f**cked up, let’s move to Mars,” say scientists


This is the news that global warming is happening and it’s all our fault….or scientists are 95% sure anyway. Fortunately, the Mars Rover has found enough water for all the world leaders, scientists and Chris De Burgh.

Asked for their reaction to the news, one environmental campaigner said “well maybe they should all bugger off to Mars then, let us get on without their psychotic power struggles, desire for wealth from oil, and their creepy eyebrows”

The Mars One project has already seen well over 200,000 applicants all desperate to get off this doomed planet.

One applicant said: “Scientist predict the world will end in a few billion years, but the way things are going I think we’ll be lucky to go another 20″

However, there are mixed expectations…

“If I get stuck up there with George Bush, David Cameron or Chris De Burgh I might need to book a return flight!”


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