Alex Salmond may be having an affair with Vladimir Putin, according to most newspapers

In an interview with Alex Salmond, the Scottish First Minister said he admired “certain aspects” about the Russian President, leading many newspapers to speculate that the two leaders may be having an extra-marital, homosexual affair.

Sexy Putin


During the interview, conducted just before Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the Scottish First Minister claimed that Mr Putin was “more effective” than the public were being led to believe.

Scottish national newspapers were the first to speculate that this comment could actually be code for “excellent in bed” leading to further speculation that perhaps the two leaders are, in fact, having a “big, gay affair.”

Other newspapers, such as the Guardian, have questioned why the interview, held 14th March, took six weeks to be revealed, claiming that they knew “before it even happened” thanks to the Snowden files.

“We’ve been asking the questions that no other newspaper have been asking, before they haven’t asked them,” said Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian, “like, why did Mr Salmond smile when he talked about Putin? Is it because they are secretly lovers?” he added.

Mr Salmond, when pushed for comment, said that he did not have a personal relationship with Mr Putin but thought he looked “damn fine” riding that horse.

“I am not have not and will not have an affair with President Putin,” explained the First Minister, “however I do admire certain aspects about him, namely his sexy torso and ageless face.”

Critics labelled the remarks “insensitive and ill-judged” and said the First Minister’s admiration for a man with such a “controversial” record on human rights did not reflect well on Scotland.

However, as this was the same day that the First Minister spoke about political leaders including Tony Blair, George W Bush and President Obama, it was unclear whether his critics were speaking about Putin or not.

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