Scientology leader to referee Battle Royale between Dawkins and Pope Benedict


A BATTLE ROYALE is set to happen between Emeritus Pope Benedict and acclaimed biologist, Richard Dawkins, and will be refereed by Scientology leader, David Miscavige.

Pope Benedict hit out at Dawkins this week calling his work “classic science fiction”. Dawkins has been an outspoken critic of organised religion, and particularly the Catholic Church, calling it a “cult” and “akin to child abuse”

Scientologist leader, Miscavige, has welcomed the debate saying that “as a cult based on a work of classic science fiction, we are ideally placed to referee this match”

“As for the child abuse argument, well there seems to be plenty of examples of both atheists and Catholics, but since the match will be aired on the BBC, we look to have that covered too.”

Place your bets NOW! Outright winner: Dawkins or Benedict?

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